About Us

About NAVP
Since 1976

Supporting and promoting vision services for children and adults.

Our History

The National Association of Vision Professionals (NAVP) was established in May 1976. The Association began with six charter members representing six states. Since that time, the association has grown in numbers and influence as an organization of members deeply concerned with prevention, detection and follow-up of vision services for pre-school-age children up to adults of all ages.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

The National Association of Vision Professionals
Established in May 1976 as an organization concerned with prevention, detection, and follow-up of vision services for pre-school, school-age children and adults.


About Us

Any person, in any agency, whose main task is vision-related, is eligible for membership in NAVP. Our association is a diverse group of members including educators, volunteers, nurses, administrators, fund-raisers, eye doctors, screeners and audiologists. Many are exclusively involved in vision, eye screening, and teaching.

Beginning in 1977, NAVP has sponsored an annual national conference for its members and other persons concerned with vision. The conference provides a forum for presenters to share their knowledge and expertise relative to the association’s interests. Each conference is hosted by a rotating member agency in that member’s state. This provides individuality in conference planning and enables attendees to hear a variety of speakers on a wide range of topics concerning vision. These conferences have provided the opportunity to build a vision network of active vision professionals.

NAVP is registered as a non-profit association with the federal government. Membership dues and any other monies earned by the association are used only for association business and functions to best serve the entire membership.


What We Do

Serve as a forum for ideas on vision conservation and eye health of all people.

Provide leadership and planning to improve and expand vision conservation and eye health programs nationally.

Coordinate and cooperate with agencies and groups responsible for the provision of services aimed at vision conservation and eye health.

Develop and promote educational programs for the public in vision conservation, eye safety and eye health.

Promote the development of training programs for individuals preparing for careers in the field of vision conservation and eye health.

Develop professional standard for employment in the field.


Our Board

Brenda Dunn

NAVP President

New Mexico Lions Operation Kidsight

Wyomi Yonzon Yockey

NAVP Vice President

California Hawaii Elks Major Project

Rachael Grammer


Vision Research

Jami Cortez

NAVP Secretary

Half Helen Foundation

Gina Streepy

NAVP Parliamentarian

School Health

Kiara Ferguson

NAVP Member at Large

Association for Pediatric Vision